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3030 Sponsor a Dog


These adoptable dogs from 3030 benefiting rescue Labs and More and One Tail at a Time would LOVE to participate in June’s 3030 Challenge!
You can sponsor their registration for $30.
If you would like to participate in the 3030 Challenge yourself, please register separately using the link on our home page.

Please allow up to 3 days for this website to be updated :-)

Sponsored dogs who get adopted (hooray!) before the end of the Challenge will have their sponsorship transferred to the following honorary teammates to help cover their medical expenses and get them back on their feet (err, paws!):
Labs and More: Blade, Erim and Sawyer
One Tail at a Time: Lavender



Blade was dropped at a high-kill shelter with a badly broken leg in immense pain. The shelter was full and without the resources to help him and scheduled to be euthanized. A volunteer from Labs and More stepped in to help and Blade had the surgery he needed. Today is happily recovering in an experienced foster home. Blade isn’t quite up for 30 miles just yet but would like to make him an honorary member of #team3030.


Sweet Sawyer came to Labs and More in rough shape, requiring surgery. He got the care he needed and is now recovering in a foster home. He isn’t ready yet to be a Team 3030 member, but he sure would like to be an honorary member of the team! Labs and More is raising money to cover the cost of his care, so please consider sponsoring this guy more than once!


When Erim started to limp and was in obvious pain, his owners left him at a shelter. Short on resources, the shelter reached out to Labs and More to help Erim get the surgery he needs. Erim won’t be ready to participate in the 3030 Challenge, but we’d like to make him an honorary member of #team3030. After he recovers from surgery he will be good as new and ready to be a lifelong walking buddy to a furever family.


Lavender is tiny but mighty! She was picked up by One Tail at a Time with extensive injuries. She will have immediate surgery on a broken pelvis. After that surgery she will need to return to fix three more broken bones, in addition to the lacerations she endured. Team3030 is rooting for her and we’d love to have her as an honorary member of the 3030 Challenge.


Eleroy is ready to smell all 30 miles this June.


Fish would like to get his sniffs in!


Bitty is a nervous girl whose routine would be expanded with these long, consistent walkies. Some friends to walk with her? An added perk!


Use it, don’t lose it. ;) Elder pittie Buster is down to walk!


Delilah’s a tripod who won’t quit! 30 miles would be a breeze with this go getter.


Rainbow will bring some color to your world! This little lady is a Terrier and Shepherd mix who puts the More in Labs and More at only 20 lbs. She can be a little shy at first and will bark at strangers but get down on her level and offer her some treats and you will sweet talk your way into her heart. Once she is comfortable, Rainbow's happy bouncy side comes out. Rainbow wants to be wherever you are, following you room to room and snuggling up on the couch beside you. We think joining Team 3030 and taking regular long walks with her foster mom will help her gain some confidence and comfort with being out in the big, wide world.


Olympia is a silly girl with a squishy, wrinkly face. She’s a laid-back girl who loves walks around the beach and bay with her foster dad, especially when they end in a nap in the sun!


This big white Shepherd mix is about 4 years old year old and is the sweetest guy around. Navajo had a rough life before coming to Labs and More and has the scars to prove it, but now that he has recovered from his physical injuries, he wants nothing more than to find a forever family to love. This gentle giant has settled into his foster home beautifully and is said to be a 90 lb. lap dog who is very loving and affectionate. He loves the resident dog in his foster home and they enjoy regular walks around the neighborhood together. He’ll make a great Team 3030 member with his foster family until his forever family comes along!


Jupiter is working on his summer bod, and a couple extra blocks would fit right into his plans.


The Great Stallion is passing some omens. Khal Doggo must run!


Khalo is a southern boy who would love to go explore the city. He can’t wait to log some 3030 miles!


This dapper gentleman may be a mellow fellow, but he still likes his daily walks around the neighborhood!


Sweet Hallie had a rough start to life, arriving at Labs and More with severe injuries requiring emergency surgery. She ended up with no ears, and is recovering in a loving foster home. Despite a rough start in life, this girl has such a sweet personality. Her tail wags when you talk to her, and her foster mom says she soaks up attention like a sponge! She loves going for walks around the neighborhood and is gentle on leash. Hallie is more of a cruiser than a long-distance walker, so a mile a day is just her speed. She loves to stop to smell the flowers on her walks, so this will let her sniff even more flowers as she cruises the neighborhood!


This chunky monkey came to Labs and More with his mom and the rest of his litter. He isn’t old enough to be a member of Team 3030 just yet, but he’s the party starter of his litter and runs laps around the yard in his foster home, so we think he’d make a great honorary team member until he’s old enough to join the team on leash walks!


Kimmy would love to go-go-go for miles! She is quick, so better run to keep up. :)


Koba is ready to show his freckles off to the world. He loves to walk around the neighborhood!


Louella can’t wait to explore the sights and smells of 30+ miles.


Let’s get Toasty. Our girl Toast is ready for a summer walk.


Zigi’s not one to slow down! She’s up for a walk or run… 30 of them to be exact!


Shasta would love to participate in the 3030 Challenge because her foster sister and OTAT Alumni Jolie is, too!


This 3 month old cutie pie poses nicely for pics but don’t be fooled- he’s full of pepp when it comes time to play! He’s been learning how to walk on a leash in his foster home and is ready for a month of mile-long walks as he masters his new skill!


Alfonso is a 1 year old Lab and Dalmation mix. He came to Labs and More with a severe case of mange, but he’s gotten the medical care he needs and is well on his way to perfect health! This fun and funny guy loved moving into his foster home and has loved learning all about the good life. He enjoys regular runs with his foster siblings, long hikes and walks, and zoomies around the house, usually just before bed time- this guy is just so happy to be able to enjoy the comforts of a home!


Sweet Brandy loves running sprints around the backyard in her foster home and playing with the resident dog. She’s a fun and goofy gal who is looking for an active family, but in the meantime her foster parents have committed to the 3030 Challenge.


This black and white dude is somehow the last of his litter! His mom, Janis, is a long-legged gal and we think she’s a mix of Hound, Dane, and Lab. This goofy guy is quite the cuddle bug! In between snuggles, he’s working hard on learning new skills like leash walking in his foster home.


This chocolate beauty came to Labs and More after a rough start at life. She was likely mistreated and she is very shy when you come forward to pet her. Coco Lea has been in training to help her with her confidence and has done very well. She is now fostered with an experienced foster and a few other canine pals to help her gain confidence in life.


This goofy gal is most often seen flopping over on her back for belly rubs or gently placing her paw on you to request attention, but she’s always up for a fun outing too! She’s fostered with another dog and would love the challenge of 30 miles in 30 days!


This brindle beauty came to Labs and More pregnant around Christmas (if you can tell from her name!) She’s been waiting for her forever home ever since. You should see the wiggles she give her foster parents in greeting when they come home from work, running errands, or even just getting the mail! She’s fostered with a few other dogs and loves playtime, but also enjoys regular walks with her foster dad.


Denver has been a wonderful mom to her puppies for the past 6+ weeks, but now she’s ready to get back to her pre-puppies figure! Sponsor Denver and her foster will commit to walking her 30 miles in 30 days.


Mako has been with Labs and More for a while because she was horribly shy and scared of the world. Her foster has been working with her and she’s growing more confident every single day. Sponsoring her walks will help her continue to grow her confidence.


Deja is a 9 month old Pointer mix who is lucky enough to be fostered by Crazy Dog Training (@sdcrazydogs). This smart and energetic girl is so committed to getting her steps in she’s learned how to use the treadmill- and absolutely loves it!


Petra loves to get out for her daily walk around the neighborhood. She can be a little sassy with other dogs while on leash so the 3030 Challenge would be a good opportunity for her to work on that training,


Don’t let her sugared face fool you, Estella keeps up with her 2 year old foster dog bro just fine at the beach, in tug of war, and on runs with her foster mom!


Tandy is committed to participating in the 3030 Challenge and practicing her walkies until she walks right into a furever home


Peru is a recent mama with a playful spirit and zest for life. Prior to being rescued by Labs and More, Peru probably was never walked on leash, but this girl has adapted quickly to the fun of going on walks and meets you with a skip in her step when you grab her leash. Give Peru more of what she loves (walks!) by sponsoring her registration for the 3030 Challenge!


Bentley is an athletic dog with energy for days! He can’t wait to get out for some 3030 adventures.


Cookie is an active girl who loves to run and play fetch. Help Cookie get her daily dose of fun by sponsoring her registration for the 3030 Challenge!


Georgia Pup Bass is all about having fun. He loves to run, jump and play with all the other dogs in his foster home. Regular 3030 outings will help Bass get the socialization every young pup needs.


Georgia Pup Savannah is a happy, sweet little pup whose motto is "Play Hard, Nap Harder!" She loves the water and a good game of chase. She is working on basic commands, leash training and socialization and the 3030 Challenge is the perfect excuse to get in some practice!


Every 3030 Challenge needs a lowrider! Despite being small, she loves adventure and is looking for a family who will keep her active. Currently she walks 2 to 3 miles each day, enjoys hikes, and also regularly visits the “small dog” area of the dog park.


Oxana is a shy, gentle girl that takes a moment to warm up to strangers. She does well with a "job" to help channel her young nervous energy. Her herding breed stamina makes her an excellent running partner and hiking companion. Oxana would be a natural fit for a 3030 Challenge!